The Puritans

We like to think in this day and age that we know more than those who went before us, I do not agree.  Should you have occasion to read anything by John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, Richard Baxter, or a host of other Puritans of that era, you will find that these men were extremely intelligent and understood the Word of God as well, if not better, than we do today.  I enjoy reading these great men of faith who have gone and blazed the trail ahead of us.  I think we do ourselves a great disservice in not reading what they spent their lives giving to their congregations and through their writings, us.  There is a treasure trove of Godly wisdom in much of their writings.

I hope that this page will be a gateway for many to come to know the Puritans and their writings.

William Gross has taken up the task of trying to modernize some of the Puritan writings and I think it would be a great place to start for those totally unfamiliar with their material.  You can find several complete books at his website Classics On the Wing

The Fire and Ice website has several hundred sermons by Puritans.


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