This is a list of links to churches that I have attended or would attend if the opportunity presented itself:

Lawrence Street Baptist Church Muskogee Oklahoma – Pastor Kris Drees is a graduate of Southern Theological Seminary and has been here a little over four years.  He is an expository preacher and preaches a faithful Word.

Grace Community Church San Antonio – This Church meets in a restaurant called Fatty’s Burgers.  I happened to get there early and had a wonderful Chili Burger.  The teaching service afterwards was one of the finest I’ve ever attended.  Tim Conway is an outstanding teacher.

Grace Christian Assembly Smyrna Tennesse – While I have not been to this church, I listen to Jim McClarty’s Podcast and would definitely attend here if ever in the Nashville area.

Boulevard Baptist Church Springfield Missouri – I used to live in Springfield, but never attended this church.  I met Doug Shivers at the 2012 T4G conference and knew I’d met a man of like mind.  I get back to Springfield every now and again and this is my home away from home.

Sovereign Grace Reformed Church Doniphan Missouri – This is the church my Mom goes to.  While I have only had occasion to attend this church twice, I have frequent conversations with Pastor Kent Harding and listen to his podcast regularly.  If you are looking for a pastor with a shepherds heart, I know of no better pastor.

Bethany Baptist Church Sedalia Missouri – I had the opportunity to meet Pastor Craig Bowan at the 2012 Together 4 the Gospel Conference and if I ever get up in his neck of the woods, I’d stop by.

Trinity Baptist Church Tulsa – I met Pastor Rod Harris at the 2012 Together 4 the Gospel Conference.  I’ve not been to his church, but Pastor Shivers of Boulevard Baptist in Springfield says that Pastor Harris “is the real deal!”

Grace Community Church – I’ve never been here, but I listen to John MacArthur quite regularly and this would be my home church if I ever was crazy enough to move back to the Los Angeles area.  Not holding my breath for that to happen.

Trinity Church – Art Azurdia is one of the finest, most articulate pastors I have heard.  I would gladly attend this church should my travels ever take me to the Portland, Oregon, area.

Mount Zion Bible Church – While on vacation in Pensacola, my family and I attended this church.  It was a wonderful service and I was greatly blessed.  They also have a publishing arm with over 800 reformed books and tracts called Chapel Library.  I recommend the resources and the church if you are ever in the Pensacola area.

Bible Church of Cabot – My journeys take me to Little Rock Air Force Base frequently and I attended a Wednesday night Bible study with a small group of attendees from this church.  It was obvious to me that Pastor Rob Davis teaches his people well as I was blown away at the theological and doctrinal depth of the laity in attendance.

Due to my job travels, I get the opportunity to “check out” many areas and will add the best Reformed Churches I find to this list so check back occasionally.

5 responses to “Churches

  1. Hey Thom just found your blog when checking out a Tim Conway sermon. Very excited to find other reformed brothers.

    • Ham, thanks for stopping by and giving my blog a look. Hope you found what you were looking for and the sermon by Pastor Conway blessed you. He is a blessing to the church he shepherds in San Antonio and to those of use who tune in via the podcasts he releases.

  2. Doug Shivers is one of the very finest ministers I have ever had the privilege of sitting under. You will be refreshed and strengthened by his preaching and pastoral care.

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