Daily Roundup

Staying in His Lane – Al Mohler takes a look at a recent interview that Joel Osteen did this past week.

The Many Motivators For Personal Holiness – A 4 minute video interview with Kevin DeYoung on his book, The Hole in Our Holiness.

Introduction to the New Testament – Louis Berkhof’s Introduction to the New Testament in 3 formats.

Conduct Worthy of the Gospel in Corporate Worship – If there is gospel etiquette for the gathered church, it starts with evaluating my heart.

What Does Sola Scriptura Mean – Just in case you ever wondered.

When Study isn’t Study – What is proper Bible study.


We can no longer assume that just because a church is Southern Baptist it therefore genuinely understands the gospel and knows how it works to save sinners. – Tom Ascol

Daily Roundup

Chopping Down Error Can Be Costly – Listen to what Charles Spurgeon says about faith, error, and the cost.

12 Reasons Why Public Worship is Better Than Private Worship – If you had the choice between private Bible reading and prayer, or going to church, which would you choose?  The Puritans would choose church contends David Murray.

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod on 2011 NIV – The findings of the LCMS on the inclusive language found in the 2011 NIV translation.  Bully for them!

The Hole In Our Holiness – I have not read this book as it just came out and I wasn’t one of those chosen to get an advanced copy, but I have listened to a few of the semons that this book is based on.  I think it is well worth your time to order and read it.  Holiness, both the understanding of what it is, how it works in our lives, is something we know little about.

Reading Scripture Publicly – One of the specific admonitions Paul gave the younger pastor Timothy about his ministry was this one.  ”Devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture” he told him (I Timothy 4:13).

Ligonier $5 Friday Sale – Check out the deals of the week at Ligonier Ministries.


While the church as the community of believers is the context within which the Spirit’s testimony is confirmed, Scripture’s authority is not granted by the church’s decision. The opposite is true: Scripture founded the church. Through the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, Scripture is self-authenticating. ~Herman Bavinck

Daily Roundup

What If There Is No Southern Gospel Music In Heaven? – Do we worship worship, or do we worship God?

Where Did The New Calvinism Come From? – Has the internet hastened in the growth of The New Calvinism?

How To Astonish the World – Could it be that Christian Doctrine would be something that would astonish the world?  I have to admit that it wouldn’t be my first choice, but after reading this article I agree with Mr. Murray.

Narrative Lived – Let’s be sure God’s Word is marking our lives as we seek to help others be marked by it in the coming weekend.

A Message That Just Might Save Your Marriage – A Message about moral purity in your marriage by Russell Moore.


Only the Spirit of God can make a person inwardly certain of the truth of divine revelation. – Herman Bavinck

Daily Roundup

School Wants to Oust Church Over Anti-Gay Sermons – A sign of the times!  SBC Church faces eviction because the pastor has the courage to preach what the Bible says about the homosexual lifestyle.

10 Books (and One Letter) Every New Calvinist Needs To Read – Keith Mathison lists some reads he thinks those who hold to the Doctrines of Grace should read.

Not Baby Talk – Frank Turk writes about how asking God for help could be like being the Tin Man and asking Oz the Great and Powerful for help.

What Happens to Infants Who Die? – Not sure I agree with everything said here, but Jesse Johnson opened a door that I need to look at and study more!

When Should I Correct and When Should I Let It Go – Justin Taylor lays out a chart and words of wisdom on the fruitfulness of conflict among us.

Some Basic Thoughts on Manhood: Worship – Thabiti Anywbwile continues with part 2 of his thoughts on manhood.

A Quote from J. C. Ryle:

Would we know, for another thing, the strength of a true Christian’s foundation for hope? Let us often read these first five verses of John’s Gospel. Let us mark that the Savior in whom the believer is bid to trust is nothing less than the Eternal God, One able to save to the uttermost all that come to the Father by Him. He that was “with God,” and “was God,” is also “Emmanuel, God with us.” Let us thank God that our help is laid on One that is mighty. (Psalm 89:19.) In ourselves we are great sinners. But in Jesus Christ we have a great Savior. He is a strong foundation-stone, able to bear the weight of a world’s sin. He that believes on Him shall not be confounded. (1 Peter 2:6.)

God & Sinner Reconcile

Ran across the album called God & Sinner Reconciled by Stephen Miller this morning and thought I’d share the link to it.  If you don’t know who Stephen Miller is, don’t feel like you are all alone.  I had never heard of him before this morning either.  After a little digging, I found out Stephen is a Staff Elder and Worship Leader at The Journey in St. Louis, Missouri.

I really like the title of this album.  When I first glanced at it I read it as “God and Sinners”, as in plural, but then I looked at it again and saw that it was just “Sinner” and that is the way it truly is.  Each of us will stand before the throne of God individually and be judged individually.  Even the titles of some of the songs seem to show a distinct slant towards the doctrine of God’s sovereignty and the work of justification.

O My Soul is my favorite song from this album thus far.  It is a lot like some of the Psalms in that the singer is encouraging his own soul to lifted up in praise and adoration to the the God who lives forever.

The album, at least at the moment, is free to download and I recommend you give it a listen and if you like it, download it.