Tolerance? Well, Only if You Believe Like Me!

Phil-Robertson-e1387419250937Michael Kruger writes:

Now, if you happen to express your own religious views, and happen to disagree with the radical homosexual agenda of our modern world, then you are threatened, intimidated, attacked and your livelihood is destroyed.

And ironically, all this bullying is done in the name of “tolerance.”  For a group that seems to use this word in every other sentence, it is remarkable that the homosexual community cannot see how intolerant they are being of anyone who might disagree.

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Daily Roundup

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Experience by itself is not sufficient. Scripture is the norm also for our emotional life and tells us what we ought to experience.  ~Herman Bavinck~



Born This Way?

The “Back To School” sales have begun in earnest and my wife and I were out this weekend purchasing school supplies.  When you have 4 children starting school in a couple of weeks, you look for all the deals you can because it adds up rather quickly.  We hit up Walmart, Staples and Office Depot to check out the deals and while in Office Depot, I noticed something at the checkout counter that caught my attention.  It was a display for the “Born This Way Foundation.”  In my mind I made a snap judgment that this was something antithetical to my Christian beliefs, but I inquired of the store clerk what this display was about.  The clerk mentioned that it was a foundation based on Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way.  He also mentioned that it was dedicated to helping young people express their individuality and self-expression.  My initial judgment was proven correct. Continue reading

Daily Roundup

First They Came For. . .Then They Came For… – We evangelicals are currently going through the process of demonization, the fact that evangelicals as a group are the most charitable people on earth, or that they have created the freest and most tolerant societies is being conveniently forgotten, and the myth of the ignorant, ranting, gay basher is being spread far and wide.

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