Develop a good theological perspective, it is important to know the whole of the Bible and what God is doing.

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Theology as it is stated in most secular dictionaries is defined as the study of the nature of God and religious belief. We should start by expressing our total and complete dedication to the God of Christianity as it is revealed to us in the Bible. Although a dictionary, secular or religious, may be helpful it is not objective in the sense that it doesn’t always presuppose the God of the Bible or exegetically utilize the God of Scripture. So, theology should be recognized as Biblical Christian theology. The study of the Triune God of Christianity as revealed to us in His Word. Therefore, our first responsibility to a  proper perspective of  theology should be to begin with an objective understanding of what theology is from the objective source.

Now, God has created all things and therefore it is necessary that in order to make proper sense of anything we…

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