Daily Roundup

Multi-site Churches:  Paving the Road to a “Cult of Personality?” – You don’t say.

Big Church, Small Church – Another perspective on church size.

School of Theology – Derek Thomas of 1st Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC has started a Theology Course.  Listen to the audio, download the handouts and grow in Christ.

The Fruits of Repentance – What does authentic repentance look like?

Confident in Our Adoption – Here is a 33 minute video sermon on Romans 8:13-17.


The Fall of man is written in too legible characters not to be understood. Those that deny it, by their denying, prove it. The very heathens confessed and bewailed it. They could see the streams of corruption running through the whole race of mankind but could not trace them to the fountain-head. Before God gave a revelation of his Son, man was a riddle to himself. And Moses unfolds more in this one chapter (out of which the text is taken) than all mankind could have been capable of finding out of themselves, though they had studied to all eternity. – George Whitefield