Daily Roundup

It’s that time of year when things get hectic.  My blog posts will not be nearly as steady until after things settle down after the first of the year, but from time to time, I’ll post a daily roundup and Spurgeon Thursday will continue (your welcome, Mom).

Raising Kids the World Will Hate – This is something I don’t even like thinking about, but if the Christian life is true and I want to impart that life to my children, this is the logical outcome.

Believing the Worst of Those Who Love Me Most – One area of sin that continues to baffle and disappoint is my inability to consistently think rightly about other people’s motives.

Obituary for Common Sense – A daily dose of satire.


Those that are full of the Holy Spirit are fit for any thing, either to act for Christ or to suffer for him. And those whom God calls out to difficult services for his name he will qualify for those services, and carry comfortably through them, by filling them with the Holy Spirit, that, as their afflictions for Christ abound, their consolation in him may yet more abound, and then none of these things move them. – Matthew Henry


Q: What does the Reformed Presbyterian pastor see? A: A blind man with a helping dog.

Q: What does the Evangelical Free Church pastor see? A: A blind man with a helping dog.

Q: What does the Southern Baptist pastor see?  A: Two visitors to be counted for attendance, and if we can get them to raise their hands, two new members!