Round Up

The Sentence Against God – Randy Alcorn comments on a portion of John Stott’s book The Cross of Christ.

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – If you think the gay and lesbian community cannot be reached, I challenge you to watch this interview (it’s an hour long) and then pray that the Holy Spirit give you wisdom to reach out in the same manner that Rosaria Butterfield was ministered too.

A Letter to the Church from an unlikely convert – A letter from a member of the lesbian community.  While I’m not totally sure of their theology, I agree that those of us in the church who do not struggle with the sin of homosexuality have our own sinful struggles and all of us need the ministry of the body of Christ.

How To Study the Bible – I think this says it all.


You cannot consistently say that man has a free will but cannot lose his salvation.

On the other hand, those who believe they can lose salvation by some action of their own, are essentially saying that they must maintain their own just standing before God…that Jesus is not sufficient to save. Not far from Roman Catholicism. Trusting in themselves (partly) to get in and trusting in themselves (partly) to stay in. Thus they believe in the NECESSITY of Jesus grace but not the SUFFICIENCY of His grace.  – John Hendryx

Daily Roundup

Total Depravity and the Believers Sanctification – Christian perfectionist teaching on the one hand and carnal Christian teaching on the other hand is a debate that is still waged.  Ligon Duncan weighs in.

On Christianity and Politics – If we believe in the sure triumph of Christ, why do we allow ourselves to be drawn in to the very unsure world of political conflict?  There is a good reason to be drawn into the world of politics as a Christian.

Seeing the Bride, at Last – All I can say is take a look at this and remember.

7 Ways to Live Positive in a Negative World – If God is sovereign and all we have comes from Him, there is no reason for us to be negative.  Take these 7 nuggets to the bank and dwell on them.

God’s Part and Man’s Part in Salvation – Confused in regards to the doctrines of grace?  This article should help you understand.


If we go to church just to be with one another, one another is all we will get.  And it isn’t enough.  Eventually, our deepest unmet needs will explode in anger at one another.  Putting community first destroys community.  We must put Christ himself first and keep him first and treat him as first and come to him first and again and again.  He can heal as no other can.  Can, and will.  If we come to him. – Ray Ortlund

Daily Roundup

16 Rules for Biblical Interpretation – A noteworthy list that needs to be applied by those of us who read and study the Bible.

“These Things” – Several “things” to think about from the book of John.

A Thankful Heart – Do we have a thankful heart?  I tweeted this morning the following, “If God is sovereign over all, when we complain we are actually questioning God; we are sinning against His sovereignty.”  We should be thankful in ALL things!

The Humble Celebrity – What a refreshing story.  It is just sad that stories like this are so rare today.

What Happens When We Read the Bible? – This gave me something to think about this morning.


Today, an extraction from Carl Trueman’s book, The Creedal Imperative which deals with creeds in the Church:

I do want to make the point here that Christians are not divided between those who have creeds and confessions and those who do not; rather, they are divided between those who have public creeds and confessions and that are written down and exist as public documents, subject to public scrutiny, evaluation, and critique, and those who have private creeds and confessions that are often improvised, unwritten, and thus not open to public scrutiny, not susceptible to evaluation and, crucially and ironically, not, therefore, subject to testing by Scripture to see whether they are true (p. 15).


Daily Roundup

Seeker Driven Hirelings of Today vs. Godly Men of Old – Ken Silva shares an article by an unknown author regarding Pastors.

Making Progress in Sanctification – A sermon by Sinclair Ferguson in which he says, “If you desire anything less for yourself than absolute obedience to God, a life of total devotion to the Lord, a life of absolute sin-less-ness — if you desire anything less, you are fighting against God’s desire for you.”  This is a very good sermon and well worth the 45 minutes you will spend listening to it.

What is the Rapture? – An excerpt from R. C. Sproul’s book The Work of Christ.

Some Proven Weapons in the Fight for Holiness – John Piper shares some weapons we can use.  I especially like point 1 and have memorized it. 

What Essential Quality Must Every Pastor Possess? – In the same vein as the link directly above, Brian Croft states that “holiness” is essential. I say if you can’t say amen, you ought to say ouch!

Your Leviathan – Ray Ortlund muses on God’s answer to Job.  The last paragraph is profound if you dwell on it a moment.

Daily Roundup

Three Lies We Might Believe – Ray Ortlund lays out three lies we might be tempted to believe that can lead us to despair and how to combat them.

The Sermon on the Mount for those who have crashed and burned – Tullian Tchividjian just finished a 9 week sermon series on the sermon on the mount.  Here is what he says about it, “I opened the series by saying that we naturally treat the Sermon on the Mount like we typically treat the rest of the Bible–like it’s a divine self-help manual, a blueprint for having your best life now. But actually the Sermon on the Mount is intended to show that the Christian life is a glorious impossibility.”

Prevenient Grace and Semi-Pelagianism (PDF) – An article worth reading.

Table Manners – An Article on The Lords Supper by Carl Trueman.

How Would Jesus Vote? – A Post that asks how should Christians understand their responsibilities as citizens? What role does our faith play when we enter the voting booth? Does God even care?