Miracles Are Insufficient To Bring About Belief

Polemics Report

There is a dishonest refrain that is spoken when the atheistic/secular humanist is confronted with the possibility of miracles and how that might relate to their own personal salvation. They’ll offer up thousands of variations on the same basic idea. While it may be helpful to list a few of them, they all come down to the same basic premise “If God exists, let him show me a miracle, then I’ll believe.” These people will protest that if they were ever faced with a legitimate supernatural experience, a legitimate miracle, then on the basis of seeing that that they would then bow the knee and believe.  They reiterate that they are opened minded enough so that when they do see these supernatural events, they possess the ability and the intellectual honesty to shrug off their disbelief and accept God as existing. They believe it to be a simple thing- just show…

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Pulpit and Pen Program

If you have never heard of Jordan Hall, well, you can’t blame me for that after this post.  He is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world of false doctrine, plain old heresy, and lackluster, watered down preaching.  Here is his first, of hopefully many more, internet radio shows.  I hope you enjoy.

Daily Roundup

Why God is Against Interracial Marriage – J. D. Hall will get a little under your skin with this post!  Hall claims to be from Arkansas, and with an attitude like this, he just might be.

When Christians Sin Part 1 – I’ve been listening to Tim Conway the last couple of days and these three sermons are incredibly relevant.  I highly recommend you give up 3 hours to listen to them. 

When Christians Sin Part 2

When Christians Sin Part 3

Joel Osteen, and Others, On The Prosperity Abomigospel – It is called the Prosperity Gospel, but it is an abomination to God’s Gospel, hence my renaming it to the Abomigospel.

What I Am Doing You Do Not Understand Now – Much of the Christian life is spent trusting Jesus now and understanding him later.  This is as hard for us to grasp today as it was for Peter in the upper room.

Classic Articles on Reformed Theology – A collection of articles and some complete eBooks on the Monergism website dealing with Reformed Theology.


Our closeness to God is connected to how much sin we hold on to.  Jesus stresses this very point in John 14:21, “Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.” Don’t you ever forget that there is a direct correlation between keeping Christ’s commandments and receiving expressions of love from the Father.  There is a direct relationship between the smile you perceive from Christ Himself and obeying His commandments.  There is distinctly a connection between submission to Christ and your ability to feel the reality of Christ’s presence. – Tim Conway from When Christians Sin Part 2.

Daily Roundup

Making Money is Good – Christians who believe in the rightness of the free market nonetheless must also be known for their application of the doctrine of the image of God to labor and capitalism.

6000 “Saved” at Conference – J D Hall takes a look at a recent conference where there was supposedly 6000 saved.  Considering the lineup of conference speakers and the message “preached”, I think the number truly saved was quite a bit lower than that.

Scarborough Baptist Church Media Release – It’s happening in Australia, it’s happening in Arizona, it is a sign of the times.

Meat and Potato Christianity – Fill up!

Future Grace – This is a series of 6 conference messages from 1998 that lead to a wonderful book by John Piper that has impacted my life.  Scroll down the page for the links to the rest of the series.

More than a Quote:

I had a favorite teacher years ago when I earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching Mathematics.  After going through sleep-inducing classes espousing the latest educational theory and so forth, it seemed none of my professors had really taught math.  But my last class was taught by a man who had been a high school math teacher for three decades.  He knew how to keep our attention! I still remember his loud vocal enthusiasm as he said things like “You gotta drill them, then drill them some more!  Drill! Drill! Drill!” or “Quit treating with sympathy those kids who whine like pansies.  Tell them to get a life and get to work!”  Like a football coach, he pounded his fist into his palm as he told us we would have to work on students’ hearts as much as their minds.  How right he was!  Rarely your parents or you, when you struggle with math or other hard subjects, identify that the true problem is one of the heart.

Do you know where we get our word “Math” from?  (Note: I then wrote the following Greek word on the chalkboard along with its transliteration.  All our other rooms have white boards, but this one has an old-fashioned chalk board.  I love the dirty, dusty feeling of chalk between the fingers.  But I digress).

This word is pronounced “mathetes” (Hear “math” in that?).  This is the word for “disciple.”  Just as in the Scriptures a disciple was one who followed and patterned himself after his teacher, be it a disciple of John, Jesus, or a rabbi, so a student in mathematics must see himself or herself as one who follows the model and pattern the teacher is setting before him or her.   Did you ever think of yourself as a  disciple of Mrs. McKissick. (Laughter)  Yet your success or lack of it depends in part on seeing it that way.

I know your abilities well enough.  There is not a one of you in here that has some mental problem that makes math too difficult for you.  But we all have a heart problem that does.  Often math students do not want to do the hard work necessary to succeed, because the math takes discipline.  I see this all the time.  Students put off the harder subjects to do easier things, be it simple assignments so they can tell their parents “I got most of my homework done” or just giving into fleshly pleasures.   You see, it is not the math but the discipline it requires that you do not like.

I have math students say all the time, “What does this math problem have to do with the real world?” I tell them “Everything.”  Oh, the particular lesson on graphing an equation or simplifying an expression may not have a direct correspondence (oops, sorry about the math terminology) to things you are doing today or will do in the future, be it mowing the lawn, playing a sport, or what you do when you grow up.  But you are learning discipline, logical ways of thinking, details about how things relate in God’s world and so forth that will be indispensable to you when you get older. Don’t think that you will one day wake up and be responsible and knowledgeable enough to be a good worker or employer.  It takes steps to get there.  Your next math lesson is one of them.

So how about this?  Next time instead of saying “I hate math” which will get you nowhere, instead say “I hate discipline.”  You will be more honest with yourself.  And then you will also start realizing how foolish that sounds, for the godly are to love discipline in whatever form God may choose to bring it.  As Proverbs 23:12 says, “Apply your heart to discipline, and your ears to words of knowledge.”

 – Barry York, Gentle Reformation Blog; original found here.

Daily Roundup

Brian McLaren Leads Ceremony at Son’s Same-Sex Wedding – I well know, prominent individual who runs in Evangelical circles officiated a non-traditional wedding.  The NYT also reported this ceremony.  You can read about their report here.

We Are Beggers – 3 Lectures by Carl Trueman as he talks about Martin Luther as Theological Pastor.

Preach the Word – Pastor H. B. Charles lays out 3 aspects of preaching the Word.  If you are a Pastor, take notice, if you are laity, hold your Pastor accountable.

Bibles, Booze, and Bikini’s – Say it ain’t so!  Unfortunately, it is.

Reputation or Testimony? – We have to guard ourselves against all sins.

Created An Appetite – This post from Phil Johnson from 7 years ago still rings true.


After Adam had ruined himself and all his posterity by his deadly fall, this is the basis of our salvation, this the origin of the church: that we have been uprooted from the deepest darkness and have obtained a new life sheerly by the grace of God; that the patriarchs have by faith been made partakers of this life (just as it was offered to them by God’s word); that this word, in turn, was founded upon Christ; and that all the pious who have lived since then have, in fact, been sustained by the very same promise of salvation by which Adam was revived in the beginning. – John Calvin