Daily Roundup

Iran Launching Massive Arrests of Evangelicals – Sometimes it costs quite a bit to be a Christian.  That is something we know little about here in the Western world.

God is Not Working For Our Comfort – His purpose is higher and greater.

Jesus Gives Us Reason to Obey – Why should we love our enemies?

Luther and the Psalms – In the midst of many personal conflicts, Luther found himself contemplating the promises of Psalm 46, an encouraging psalm of trust in the invincibility of the Lord.

No Hope Outside of Christ – An excerpt from Paul David Tripps book Instruments in the Redeemers Hand.


They encircled us in a deadly ring, and one kept urging another to strike the first blow or fire the first shot. My heart rose up to the Lord Jesus; I saw Him watching all the scene. My peace came back to me like a wave from God. I realized that I was immortal till my Master’s work with me was done. The assurance came to me, as if a voice out of Heaven had spoken, that not a musket would be fired to wound us, not a club prevail to strike us, not a spear leave the hand in which it was held vibrating to be thrown, not an arrow leave the bow, or a killing stone the fingers, without the permission of Jesus Christ, whose is all power in Heaven and on Earth. He rules all Nature, animate and inanimate, and restrains even the Savage of the South Seas. In that awful hour I saw His own words, as if carved in letters of fire upon the clouds of Heaven: “Seek, and ye shall find. Whatsoever ye shall ask in My Name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” I could understand how Stephen and John saw the glorified Savior as they gazed up through suffering and persecution to the Heavenly Throne! – John G. Paton