Daily Roundup

Three Lies We Might Believe – Ray Ortlund lays out three lies we might be tempted to believe that can lead us to despair and how to combat them.

The Sermon on the Mount for those who have crashed and burned – Tullian Tchividjian just finished a 9 week sermon series on the sermon on the mount.  Here is what he says about it, “I opened the series by saying that we naturally treat the Sermon on the Mount like we typically treat the rest of the Bible–like it’s a divine self-help manual, a blueprint for having your best life now. But actually the Sermon on the Mount is intended to show that the Christian life is a glorious impossibility.”

Prevenient Grace and Semi-Pelagianism (PDF) – An article worth reading.

Table Manners – An Article on The Lords Supper by Carl Trueman.

How Would Jesus Vote? – A Post that asks how should Christians understand their responsibilities as citizens? What role does our faith play when we enter the voting booth? Does God even care?