What Would Jesus Say To…

My wife called me the other day and I could tell from her tone of voice that something had upset her.  She informed me that she had listened to a sermon review by Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio.  She then proceeded to tell me that Chris had done a sermon review of a series that Ed Young, Jr, was going through down at Fellowship Church outside of Dallas.  Apparently Mr. Young (sorry, after listening to the review myself, I can’t in good conscious call him a pastor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) has started a series on what he “imagines” that Jesus would say to several famous people alive today.  In the episode that Chris Rosebrough reviewed, Mr. Young was teaching on what Jesus would say to Ellen Degeneres. 

The message itself is about 40 minutes long and really reveals what Ed Young believes about the Gospel.  I will admit that he does say that the lifestyle that Ellen chooses to live, one of homosexuality, is a sin, but it is only in the last 3-4 minutes of the message that he does this.  The rest of the message is Ed Young “speculating” on what Jesus would say and he spends an inordinate amount of time “speculating” that Jesus would highly affirm Ellen.  While I do agree with Ed Young that we Christians can be extremely harsh and hard on those not in the faith, I do not agree with Mr. Young’s caricature of what I would consider proper evangelistic preaching on sin and repentance.  Matter of fact, I don’t recall Mr. Young once calling on Ellen to repent of her lifestyle.  He basically says that Jesus would say to her that her choice of lifestyle “is not the best choice”  which sounds eerily similar to Joel Osteen’s views on the homosexual lifestyle.

If you care to listen for yourself, here is the link.  You will need to skip forward in the program a little past half way to find where Chris reviews the sermon, but there is a lot of stuff that might be of interest if you listen to the whole thing. 

By the way, Chris, if you happen to read this blog, I have to say that I am beginning to wonder if you are going “soft” lately as there were several places in the sermon by Mr. Young where I thought you could have easily commented on his improper use of the scriptural passages he was using to justify and explain his reasoning.  Maybe you were leaving your thoughts out so that I could think of what I would say as I was listening.

Daily Roundup

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The Importance of God’s Immutability – R. C. Sproul, Jr. takes a look at the unchanging nature of God.  This is the attribute of God that allows Him to be God.

The Holy Spirit and Apologetics – A message by Al Mohler from the 2007 Contending For The Truth Conference.  Well worth the listen.


Let me grant, in the first place, that the believer cannot cite a deeper ground for revelation than its divine authority, which he or she recognizes by faith. But this is not to say that believers have nothing to say to the opponents of that revelation. True: they have no airtight proofs; they cannot move the opponent toward faith; but they have at least as much to say in defending as the opponent has in attacking scriptural authority. Unbelief, too, is rooted, not in proofs and arguments, but in the heart. In this respect believers and unbelievers are in exactly the same position. Their convictions are integrally bound up with their whole personality and are only a posteriori supported by proofs and arguments. And now, when the two parties oppose each other with these a posteriori proofs and arguments, the position of believers is not less favorable than that of unbelievers. God is sufficiently knowable to those who seek him and also sufficiently hidden to those who run away from him. “There is enough light for those who only desire to see and enough darkness for those of a contrary disposition. There is enough clarity to illumine the elect and enough darkness to humble them. There is enough darkness to render the reprobate sightless and enough clarity to condemn them and to render them inexcusable.” The state of religion, theism, revelation, and Scripture is not as hopeless as science has for years wanted us to believe. – Herman Bavinck