Daily Roundup

Within Two Worlds – I just love these time lapse video’s.  They give me such a sense of the grandeur of God and how much we take his creation for granted.

Judge and Jury – Do we really think we are the judge and jury of God?

Why Theology Matters – Owen Strachan gives a 38 minute talk on the importance of theology in the Christian’s life.


It’s important for us to get a grip on the fact that we are not some Johnny-come-lately. That we are not some flotsam and jetsam floating in some big huge stream and God is up there with sort of a divine fishing hook, throwing it down trying to hook one or two of us now and then just to sort of preserve His impact on humanity. I don’t see God trying to fish around trying to catch some men. I don’t see God sitting up there saying, “Boy, I hope some of these people will respond to the gospel and come along with me because I really have invested a lot in it.” I don’t see God doing that. What I see in Ephesians 1 is God master planning every single person into the church, who is to be in the church before the world began. And history is simply the outworking of His story already written and planned in eternity. – John MacArthur from The Body Formed In Eternity Past

Daily Roundup

How Romans 8 Helps Trip Lee – While I am not a Hip-Hop or Rap music lover, this is a great video.

The Nature of the Atonement – An Article on Atonement by John Murray.

The Breeze 008:  The Knowledge of God – An Audio excerpt from Calvin’s Institute of the Christian Religion.

Dead Roses and Living Words – Owen Strachan writes about Theology and deeds both being necessary.