Round Up

Say It Isn’t So – Tactical Bacon?  While not a bad idea, I prefer mine right out of the skillet.

2014 National Geographic Traveler Contest – Images taken from all over the world.

Don’t Be A Wedding Crasher – A wedding involving a king and his son, some ornery invitees, cold-blooded murder, the destruction of cities, and a ragtag group of afterthought guests.

How To Memorize Entire Books Of The Bible – Not only is this good, but has practical benefits and applications in our Christian walk.


Holiness is not an experience you have; holiness is keeping the law of God. – Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Round Up

The Battle We Didn’t Choose – A pictorial diary of one woman’s fight with breast cancer.

7 Billion People – It took me a moment to figure out this web page, but this is literally what 7 billion people look like.

National Geographic Landscape of the Day – I find the world that God has made so amazing.  There are so many places and scenes I will never get to see in real life, but I can see them in others images.

God Created Me to Worship Him – Roger Flournoy Jr.,  reminds us that we are all created in God’s image.


Daily Roundup

Legalism or Obedience? – I have never yet met a parent who complained that his child was a legalist because he obeyed too much.

Chapel Library – Here is a great resource that I found a while back.  Books, sermon audio, instructional courses, you can find it here.

The Gospels Power and Message – While Paul Washer isn’t widely known, his preaching style doesn’t win him over to the hearts and minds of many, he is a man of God and I recommend this book.  Read Tim Challies review at the provided link.

Space, the Final Frontier – Well, not exactly, but I grew up watching Star Trek and I love outer space.  Here are a few images that might explain my fascination.

Religious Liberty Dies at Hobby Lobby – Hopefully this will be overturned, but if it isn’t, will the Green family stand up for what they believe in.  This is a question we as Christians need to think about because there will come a day when we will have to take a stand personally.


To reach the holiday of glory, we must pass through the training school of grace.  ~ JC Ryle