Daily Roundup

Have you Searched Intently? – A reminder to search the Scripture diligently.  It is so easy to let down on Monday because you were in Church yesterday.  Don’t!

Joel Olsteen and Family Feud – How one person responded to Joel Olsteen’s visit to his hometown.

The Missing Ingredient – Could not being “wowed” by the subject you are preaching on be the missing ingredient?

Nine Ways the Gospel Transforms Marriage – In their book, Love That Lasts, Gary and Betsy Ricucci list out nine ways that the gospel directly affects marriage.

Dealing With Sin – I think this might be relevant to…well, to all of us who call on the name of Christ.

Five Pillars of the Reformation – Most reformed minded individuals know about the Five Solas, but here is a refresher from Dr. Michael Horton.


I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.
– Genesis 3:15

Reading to you these words, I may address you in the language of the holy angels to the shepherds that were watching their flocks by night, ‘Behold, I bring you glad tidings of great joy.’ For this is the first promise that was made of a Saviour to the apostate race of Adam. We generally look for Christ only in the New Testament. But Christianity, in one sense, is very near as old as the creation. It is wonderful to observe how gradually God revealed his Son to mankind. He began with the promise in the text and this the elect lived upon till the time of Abraham. To him, God made further discoveries of his eternal council concerning man’s redemption. Afterwards, at sundry times and in divers manners, God spoke to the fathers by the prophets, till at length the Lord Jesus himself was manifested in flesh and came and tabernacled amongst us. – George Whitefield

Daily Roundup

4 Thoughts on Chick-Fil-A Day– Dan Cathy, the head of Chick-Fil-A, who has publicly stated his stance on what constitutes marriage has become a sort of rallying point for those who see the worlds intolerance to the Christian view of marriage.  This article brings some food for thought into this controversy.

Appearance is Everything? – John MacArthur writes a timely article dealing with the way the world perceives the Church and how the Church tries to market itself to the world.

Pastors: Recommit Yourselves to What You Were Ordained to Do – Preach Christ!  What more is there?

26 Part Lecture Series on Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion – As I am re-reading the McNeill edition of Calvin’s Institutes, I thought this might be a good primer for those who might be interested in taking up this massive volume of wisdom.  Listen online or download as a podcast in iTunes.

When All is Lost – Who are you going to call on when all seems lost? 


Thus it comes about that we see men who in [God’s] absence normally remain firm and constant, but who, when he manifests his glory, are so shaken and struck dumb as to be laid low by the dread of death – are in fact overwhelmed by it and almost annihilated.  As a consequence, we must infer that man is never sufficiently touched and affected by the awareness of his lowly state until he has compared himself with God’s majesty. – Calvin, Institutes 1:1:3

Daily Roundup

Buckle Up: The Culture Wars Are Only Heating Up –  Owen Strachan takes a look at the coming culture wars surrounding marriage.

Union With Christ:  One of the Secrets of Sanctification – An excerpt from a J I Packer interview.

A Morning and Evening Prayer – The authors and composers of our original church songbooks often included example prayers to instruct the people.

Studies in Sanctification:  A 9-Part Lecture Series – Check out this series by Sinclair Ferguson.

Why Should a Pastor Preach Through Whole Books of the Bible? – Brian Croft blesses us with more of his pastoral wisdom.

The (Legalistic?) Gospel According to Peter – Marc Cortez asks if Peter was a legalist.




Daily Roundup

The Narcissism Epidemic – Listen in as the Whitehorse Inn gang looks at a culture that wants what it wants and how that philosophy infiltrates the Church.

God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology – Not a pleasant subject today, but one that should be explored. This book is on my “Wish List.”

Gay Is Not the New Black – Voddie Baucham talks about the issue of gay marriage.

What Is the Gospel? – If you have ever wondered, or if you just want to learn more, head on over to Monergism, but plan on staying a while. A cup of coffee might be nice to bring along too.

Preventing Heresy in Your Small Group – Trevin Wax gives advise on how to keep your small group on track.

Daily Roundup

Are You For or Against Calvinism? – David Schrock takes a look at two books released by Zondervan near the end of 2011, For Calvinism by Michael Horton and Against Calvinism by Roger Olson.

Husbands, Spend Time with Your Wife – Spending just 5 1/2 hours a week interacting with your spouse can strengthen your marriage.  (I wonder what 10 hours would do?)

What’s the Difference Between the Decretive and Perceptive Wills of God? – R. C. Sproul talks about this issue.  More for the theologically minded.

How does a Pastor’s Wife Battle Loneliness – Brian Croft talks about this issue.

Bible App for Smartphones – If you have a smartphone and want a great Bible app, YouVersion is a great idea.  I use it daily.  Check it out.

Propensity Towards Works Righteousness

The following is a quote from a sermon preached by Voddie Baucam entitled Gospel Healing For Hurting Marriages.

This quote is from around the 7:45 minute mark of the audio sermon or near the bottom of page 3 of the PDF transcript.

“Every last one of us has a natural propensity toward works righteousness. All of us desire to save ourselves. We love Jesus, and we’re grateful to Jesus for dying on the cross for us… and that was real cool… thank you, Jesus. However, what we really want to do is; we want to find some things that the Bible tells us to do and we want to do it either out of fear or pride. If it’s out of fear, we’re going: “see God, I did this… did you see that? I really hope it’s good enough for You… I really do.” That’s the kind of person where every negative thing in life that happens to you, you’re sure it’s because you weren’t good enough. Let me just put a footnote here… something goes wrong in your life and you immediately start going and looking for what you did wrong to deserve it? Here’s the problem with that kind of thinking: that means that you actually think that you were worthy of the goodness that you received before. Help you if you think that! So if it’s not out of fear then it’s out of pride, and here’s the pride part: pride says: “I went to the Bible, I found what I needed to do, and I did it.” So you can come into heaven, walk through the gates and say “I am pleased that Christ died on the cross for me. Here are the works that I have added to make His sacrifice sufficient.”