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George Bush is Smarter Than You – They say that perception is everything, but could it be that we have allowed our perception to be hijacked by others instead of checking things out for ourselves?

Praying for a Killer – How to pray for those we really don’t want to pray for.

God is Bigger Than Tragedy – A Pastor reflects on the recent tragedy in West, Texas.

Is God Committed to Your Happiness? – If you have ever wondered.


The final goal of the blessed life, moreover, rests in the knowledge of God [cf. John 17:3]. Lest anyone, then, be excluded from access to happiness, he not only sowed in men’s minds that seed of religion of which we have spoken but revealed himself and daily discloses himself in the whole workmanship of the universe. As a consequence, men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see him. Indeed, his essence is incomprehensible; hence, his divineness far escapes all human perception. But upon his individual works he has engraved unmistakable marks of his glory, so clear and so prominent that even unlettered and stupid folk cannot plead the excuse of ignorance…in the creation of the universe he brought forth those insignia whereby he shows his glory to us, whenever and wherever we cast our gaze…wherever you cast your eyes, there is no spot in the universe wherein you cannot discern at least some sparks of his glory. – John Calvin

The Light Does Shine in the Darkness – Blog Repost

Sometimes the darkness is overwhelming: The Chinese health ministry reported that more than 336 million children have been eliminated through abortion since 1971. Joe Carter recently put that number into its gruesome context. Then there’s the horrific practices of Kermit Gosnell being exposed — seven babies, born alive, that he brutally killed. Late-term abortions still make Americans uneasy, but so does having a child with a disability. More and more companies are developing early tests to identify genetic anomalies. “Screening” for Down syndrome and other genetic anomalies is growing rapidly.

The Story of Baby S

And then there is the bizarre story of Baby S, a little girl with multiple disabilities and multiple parents — and that’s when the light broke through. The headline, “Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort Baby”, introduced a story that is almost unbelievable and is hard to summarize. In short. . .

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The Gosnell Trial News Blackout

Denny Burk brings to light the apparent news blackout over Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s current trial.  If infanticide had taken place in Asia or Africa on the scale that it happened in this doctors office, the news media would be all over it, but it didn’t, it happened here, here in America and no one is saying much about it.  Watch the video documentary and read the blog post from Denny Burk, then pray.  Pray for wisdom, pray for mercy, pray that this inestimable crime would be brought to it’s true light and that people, even those hardened by sin, would see the hypocrisy of what is known as abortion rights.

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Here is another link from The Gospel Coalition that gives some more facts.

USA Today has an article asking why more media coverage isn’t being devoted to this trial.

Charles Krauthammer has a video worth watching.

All I have to say is that if you don’t think the main stream media is biased, this should give you a reason to rethink that.