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ImputationI am one who is grievously in debt. I come from a family of debtors. I am a chronic debtor, in a word, a debtor by nature. And the debt that I have accumulated has been acquired foolishly and irresponsibly.  I owe immense sums of money and my debt continues to grow. Payment is long overdue.

God’s Eternal Decree and Man’s Evil Deeds – Did God decree the Holocaust? Has God, from before the beginning of time, predestined the kidnapping of 200 Nigerian girls by Boko Haram? Did God foreordain the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 by Russian trained rebels in the Ukraine? Is the current Middle-Eastern chaos going according to God’s eternal plan?

5 Insights Into Idolatry – There are certain themes in Scripture that tend to beat you over the head with their persistence. Idolatry is one of those. It’s such a prominent theme in Scripture that some have said it is the central theme of the entire Bible.


There are no prerequisites to faith in Christ. God does not tell sinners they must know this or that doctrine before they can believe. God does not tell us that we must experience certain feelings before we can believe. God does not tell us that we must pass through great times of darkness before we can believe. God does say in his Word, to poor, lost, ruined, doomed, damned sinners, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved!” – Don Fortner


Round Up

The Doctrine of Hell – If you were to give me a Bible, a divine eraser, and ten minutes, I would take hell out of the Bible.

The Key To The Christian Life Comes Not From Trying Harder But From Enjoying More – Can fascination with God and delight in Jesus really help me overcome my failures? Can my life genuinely be changed? Can this truth really make a difference down in the gutter of lust and greed and pride and envy and shame where I live?

The Beauty of the Impassible God – Critics often contend that the doctrine of impassibility depicts God as an emotionless rock. But to teach that God is impassible is not to deny that God has an emotional life with cares, joys, loves, and so forth.

MP3 Version of the ESV Bible For Free – Download the ESV Bible in MP3 format until the end of January.

I remember lecturing at Ohio State University, one of the largest universities in this country. I was minutes away from beginning my lecture, and my host was driving me past a new building called the Wexner Center for the Performing Arts.

He said, “This is America’s first postmodern building.”

I was startled for a moment and I said, “What is a postmodern building?”

He said, “Well, the architect said that he designed this building with no design in mind. When the architect was asked, ‘Why?’ he said, ‘If life itself is capricious, why should our buildings have any design and any meaning?’ So he has pillars that have no purpose. He has stairways that go nowhere. He has a senseless building built and somebody has paid for it.”

I said, “So his argument was that if life has no purpose and design, why should the building have any design?”

He said, “That is correct.”

I said, “Did he do the same with the foundation?”

All of a sudden there was silence.

You see, you and I can fool with the infrastructure as much as we would like, but we dare not fool with the foundation because it will call our bluff in a hurry.

– Ravi Zacharias

Daily Roundup

A Loving God and Pointless Evil – A short article that ought to make you think about two diametrically opposed views on God.

A Prayer for What I Need Most – AMEN!

The Invisible Church – Much confusion has resulted and continues to result from misunderstandings regarding the meaning of the visible church, the invisible church, and the relation between the two.  In this message, Dr. Ligon Duncan will seek to clarify the meaning of this important biblical doctrine.

Where Are The Jeremiah’s When We Need Them – Like Jeremiah’s time, we have come to believe the present is decided by the policies of a nation rather than the will of a holy and compassionate God. We continue to buy into the myth that our hope is in Washington or on Wall Street.

$5 Friday at Ligonier – Check out the bargain prices on this weeks sale.


The love which a pious man bears to God and goodness, is not so much by virtue of a command enjoining him so to do, as by a new nature instructing and prompting him to it; nor doth he pay his devotions as unavoidable tribute only to appease the divine justice, or quiet his clamorous conscience; but those religious exercises are the proper emanations of the divine life, the natural employments of the new-born soul. – Henry Scougal

Daily Roundup

When Jesus Offends You – The question is not whether Jesus will offend you, but what you will do when he does.

Sometimes the Lord Slays His Loved Ones – We should spend our lives soaking in the Scriptures so that we grow into the kind of people who feel loved by whatever the Bible portrays as loving.

The Christian Celebrity – We cross into a culture of celebrity when we assume that merit in one field or one discipline necessarily carries that merit to other fields or disciplines.

The “Duty to Have Designer Babies” – An article in this months Readers Digest that will lead down a very slippery slope!

The Pitfalls of Biblical (Mis)Interpretation, Part 1 – Whenever you’re speaking on behalf of someone else, it’s important to get the message right.

The Pitfalls of Biblical (Mis)Interpretation, Part 2 – A continuation of the above link.


From The Body Formed in Eternity Past, Part 1, a message preached by John MacArthur in 1978:

Speaking on Ephesians 1:4 – “Look, the terms here, He hath chosen, it’s an aorist middle of eklego, which means to choose out, to pick. And the middle voice is reflexive which means that God is picking for Himself. And nobody else is involved in this. God didn’t have anybody, you know, whispering in His ear – Well, I’d like it if You can include so-and-so. No. And there wasn’t anything for us to do with it. God chose for Himself. He did it for Himself that it might be for His glory. It says that in verse 6, to the praise of His glory. It says it in verse 12, to the praise of His glory. It says in verse 14, to the praise of His glory. You see, when God chose the church, He chose it for His own glory before He ever chose it for the church’s own good. In fact, it says in chapter 3 verse 10 that the reason He put the church together was that He might display it to the angels that they might see how wise He is. Not how wonderful we are.”

Daily Roundup

God’s Aim In Election, and Our Personal Holiness – After revealing his free electing grace toward sinners like us, what does God intend to do with his children now? What is the aim of our election?  A 6 minute video by Richard Gaffin, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology (emeritus) at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Five Verses on Adoption – The word “adoption” only occurs a few time in the New Testament.  Look at how it is used.

Your Ministry:  Did You Build That? – An episode of “Moore to the Point Audio” where Russel Moore talks about this question and how we should understand what God is doing in working all things together to shape us for his Kingdom’s sake.

3 Way Civil Union – It was only a matter of time.  Looks like America might be playing catch-up on the issue though.

Five Corrosives to Faith – We don’t typically loose our faith all at once, it is usually a slow slide.

The Highest Beauty – Do we see God’s holiness as beautiful?  We need too.

Christian Competence – The capacity “to do” is a donation from God and the energy we employ emanates from him.  Roger Salter writes a wonderful piece about our abilities being from God.


Blessed be God for the news of a better world, where there will be no sin, change, nor defect for ever. And let us praise him, likewise, that He has appointed means of grace and seasons for refreshment here below, for a throne of grace, a precious Bible, and returning ordinances: these are valuable privileges; and so they appear to us when our hearts are in a lively frame. Then everything appears little and worthless, in comparison of communion with God. Oh, for a coal of fire from the heavenly altar to warm our frozen spirits! Oh, for a taste of love and glimpses of glory, that we might mount up as with eagle’s wings! Let us pray for each other. – John Newton

Daily Roundup

Adapting To Culture…Or Not – Here is a message preached by Voddie Baucham at The Masters College.

Faith is Action – Is faith like rappelling?

The Beauty of Holiness and the Miracle of Sanctification – Do we see Holiness as Beautiful? 

Ligonier 5$ Friday Sale – More good deals from Ligonier Ministries.

Christianity & Islam – Dr. Michael Horton explains the differences between Islam and the gospel, the Koran and the Bible and how we should relate to and love our Muslim neighbors.

A Puritan Preacher Remembered – William Bates remembers Thomas Manton at Manton’s funeral.


For even if it [Scripture] wins reverence for itself by its own majesty, it seriously affects us only when it is sealed upon our hearts through the Spirit. Therefore, illumined by his power, we believe neither by our own nor by anyone else’s judgment that Scripture is from God. But above human judgment we affirm with utter certainty (just as if we were gazing upon the majesty of God himself) that it has flowed to us from the very mouth of God by the ministry of men. – John Calvin