4 Messages From the Book of Hebrews

BorgmanDuring the last several weeks, during my commute to and from work, I have been listening to a sermon series by Brian Borgman of Grace Community Church, Minden, Nevada.  I have listened to many of Pastor Borgmans sermons in the last year, but I have never started an entire series until this one.  So far I have listened to 17 of the 189 sermons that Pastor Borgman preached on this book from June 2006 until May of 2011.  While it is obvious that there were breaks in the overall series for other topical sermons, I find it amazing that in today’s day and age, someone would spend that long in one book of the Bible because we have such short attention spans, right?  I’m not buying that at all as I think it has more to do with just plain laziness and lack of commitment on our parts.

Anyway,  here are 4 sermons that have made me stop in my tracks and change my mind on how, why and what I think about God. 

Jesus, The Firstborn

Jesus, The Enthroned God

Jesus, The Eternal, Unchanging God (This one was an especially good message in thinking about the implications of God’s immutability)

Jesus, the Exalted Reigning God

If you want to check out the entire series on Hebrews, here is the link.


Daily Roundup

Why God is Against Interracial Marriage – J. D. Hall will get a little under your skin with this post!  Hall claims to be from Arkansas, and with an attitude like this, he just might be.

When Christians Sin Part 1 – I’ve been listening to Tim Conway the last couple of days and these three sermons are incredibly relevant.  I highly recommend you give up 3 hours to listen to them. 

When Christians Sin Part 2

When Christians Sin Part 3

Joel Osteen, and Others, On The Prosperity Abomigospel – It is called the Prosperity Gospel, but it is an abomination to God’s Gospel, hence my renaming it to the Abomigospel.

What I Am Doing You Do Not Understand Now – Much of the Christian life is spent trusting Jesus now and understanding him later.  This is as hard for us to grasp today as it was for Peter in the upper room.

Classic Articles on Reformed Theology – A collection of articles and some complete eBooks on the Monergism website dealing with Reformed Theology.


Our closeness to God is connected to how much sin we hold on to.  Jesus stresses this very point in John 14:21, “Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.” Don’t you ever forget that there is a direct correlation between keeping Christ’s commandments and receiving expressions of love from the Father.  There is a direct relationship between the smile you perceive from Christ Himself and obeying His commandments.  There is distinctly a connection between submission to Christ and your ability to feel the reality of Christ’s presence. – Tim Conway from When Christians Sin Part 2.