The Most Offensive Verse in the Bible

Dan Phillips of Pyromaniac fame has an outstanding post today on how to answer some of those “what about” issues that people seem to bring up, issues like gay marriage, abortion, and homosexuality, to name a few of the current hot topics.  How do you respond to someone when they ask.  I suggest that you head on over to the Pyromaniacs website and read an interesting way of dealing with this.

Daily Roundup

Joel Osteen and Oprah’s “I Am” Lifeclass – Do not call yourself a Christian if you buy in to any of this.  I don’t care if Osteen has 40k + members and Oprah has millions of followers, this is flat out heresy. See Oprah’s Lifeclass site for more info.

Regeneration by J. C. Ryle – Regeneration is so important.  Without God’s regenerating work in our lives, we cannot be born again.

How Does Gay Marriage Affect You – Denny Burk looks at on aspect of it that we will have to deal with if your state normalizes gay marriage.

A Poem on Hebrews 3:13 – The last few lines of this poem are especially poignant.


While I don’t normally delve into politics, this quote by Douglas Wilson is right on the mark.  You can read the entire article that this was taken from here:

When a rape results in a pregnancy, this means that we are now dealing with three people instead of two. Two of those three are innocent, and one of them is guilty. Take a case of violent rape. The pro-choice ghouls want to do two things — first, they want to go easy on the guilty one, refusing to execute him, while executing one of the innocent parties for something his father did, and secondly, they want to make out anyone who objects to this arrangement as the callused one. – Douglas Wilson

Daily Roundup

Black Pastors Group Launches Anti-Obama Campaign Around Gay Marriage – Looks like our current president might not be able to take things for granted any more.

Some Basic Thoughts About Manhood: Work – Part 3 of Thabiti Anyabwile’s discussion on manhood.

Our Relentless War With Sin – John MacArthur looks at the war we wage everyday against sin.

Stop Preaching to Yourself, Do Something – Yes, we need to remind ourselves of the Gospel, but, more importantly, we need to act on the Gospel.

Reformed Fellowship Outlook Magazine Archives – Download issues of Outlook, a magazine produced by the Reformed Fellowship, Inc group.


The preacher is above all others distinguished as a man of prayer. – Charles Spurgeon

Daily Roundup

5 Myths about Reformed Theology – Michael Horton explores 5 Reformed Theology Myths that are bound to happen when a theology exalts God and lays man low.

Do We Ignore the Bible?– She asked, “what should we do with the hard passages in the Bible related to disability?”  A Jewish rabbi quickly responded. “Oh, you mean like the passages in Leviticus? Well, we just ignore those. We know better now.”  Seriously?  Not a good idea to ignore Scripture.

Chic-Fil-A Ban Continues – I’m not a fan of Chic-Fil-A, but it isn’t because of their stance, I just can’t eat their food because of Celiac disease.  I applaud them and support their stance on gay marriage.

Scripture and the Church Fathers – Links to what the early Church Fathers thought about Scripture.

Solo Christo – Modern Reformation magazine article about Christ.  This is also a good bi-monthly magazine worth subscribing too.  I typically read it cover to cover within a week of getting it.


The preacher is above all others distinguished as a man of prayer.

~Charles Spurgeon~