1st Thessalonians – The Current Series at LSBC

Pastor Jeremiah Blasi has started preaching through the book of 1st Thessalonians at Lawrence Street Baptist Church and here are the first two sermons:

Daily Roundup

Go To Church Starved For God – An excerpt from a John Piper Sermon.  It is advice much needed today.

Fear Not, Little Flock – Michael Horton weighs in on the upcoming election and some of the ways we should look at it.

10 Reasons For Expository Preaching – a brief synopsis from a book by Dr. E.K. Bailey.

Dozens of Free E-Books – Monergism is giving away free e-Books.  Head on over and grab some of them as there are many books there I would say are “good reads”.


“Stare at the glory of God until you see it.” – Ray Ortlund