The Minor Prophets – Habakkuk

Pastor Jeremiah Blasi continues to teach through the Old Testament Minor Prophets on Wednesday night at Lawrence Street Baptist Church.  This past Wednesday, he covered chapters 1 and 2 of Habakkuk.  This is a great message dealing with the sovereignty of God and the problem of good and evil that we all wrestle with.




Round Up

The Hollowing Effect of Sin – Evil does not usually make people incredibly wicked and violent – that would be interesting, and tends to wake people up. Rather, sin tends to make us hollow.

No Turning Back – The sun rises just before 6:30 A.M. in Bethany, the small village on the southeastern slope of the Mount of Olives, just a mile and a half east of Jerusalem.

I Will Praise You In This Storm – On Monday afternoon around 4:00 a tornado 200-300 yards wide tore down Beech Ridge Road in Beaufort County, North Carolina, a peaceful rural road where I spent the latter part of my youth and still consider home.

How Do You Know I Am Wrong – “If I say, ‘A cooked egg is better than a raw egg. Would you reply, “You stated an opinion about eggs. You must believe in an objective standard of egg quality.”


Whoever relies not on the providence of God, so as to commit his life to its faithful guardianship, has not yet learned aright what it is to live. On the other hand, he who shall entrust the keeping of his life to God’s care, will not doubt of its safety even in the midst of death. – John Calvin

Daily Roundup

Do All People Have An Equal Ability to Respond to the Gospel? – Mike Bergman looks at two parables, one from John, and one from Matthew, to answer this question.

How Does Physical Exercise Relate to Sanctification? – John Piper and Bob Glenn, in an 8 minute video, talk about the relationship between physical exercise and sanctification.

Credo Magazine:  Old Princeton – The current edition of Credo Magazine is now online.

The Ruler of this World – Roger Salter discusses the evil in the world around us.


Truth must enter into the soul, penetrate and saturate it, or else it is of no value. – Spurgeon