Union With Christ

Messages from the recent Conference for Pastors.

Glorifying God by Bearing Fruit in Union with Christ – John Piper

Union With Christ:  Mind-Renewing Foundations – Sinclair Ferguson

Calvin on Union with Christ – Michael Horton

Union With Christ:  Life-Transforming Implications – Sinclair Ferguson

Union with Christ and the Communion of Saints – Michael Horton

The Ministry of Hudson Taylor As Life in Christ – John Piper

Panel Discussion

They Still Speak

Christ given to us by the kindness of God is apprehended and possessed by faith, by means of which we obtain in particular a twofold benefit; first, being reconciled by the righteousness of Christ, God becomes, instead of a judge, an indulgent Father; and, secondly, being sanctified by his Spirit, we aspire to integrity and purity of life. – John Calvin