Daily Roundup

How Romans 8 Helps Trip Lee – While I am not a Hip-Hop or Rap music lover, this is a great video.

The Nature of the Atonement – An Article on Atonement by John Murray.

The Breeze 008:  The Knowledge of God – An Audio excerpt from Calvin’s Institute of the Christian Religion.

Dead Roses and Living Words – Owen Strachan writes about Theology and deeds both being necessary.


Daily Roundup

Rip Current – “So if you are in a church setting where sensuality makes people laugh instead of blush, where immodesty is prevalent, where sexual sins are dismissed as private matters, where divorces are routine, where being gay-friendly is celebrated, then look out. Instead of being in a place where Christ’s gentle flowing river of life should be nourishing your soul and producing Biblical holiness, you are in extremely dangerous waters. Rather than drowning by fighting the current there, you need to leave and find safe waters.”

The Truthfulness of Scripture – “Whatever the holy, unerring, and faithful Father speaks is–simply by virtue of having come from him–holy, unerring, and faithful. In addition, the content of God’s speech is none other than the gift of the eternal Son who became flesh for us and for our salvation.”

What’s In a Name – “Anthony Bradley has asked a thought-provoking question: why is ‘Reformed’ more often associated with Baptists than Presbyterians in popular parlance in the current climate?”

Roger Olson on limited Atonement: Part One – Extreme Pyromaniac Sarcasm Ahead! Consider yourself warned. As one who left the Assemblies of God a few years back because of my new found views of the absolute sovereignty of God, I read this article with much interest.