The Light Does Shine in the Darkness – Blog Repost

Sometimes the darkness is overwhelming: The Chinese health ministry reported that more than 336 million children have been eliminated through abortion since 1971. Joe Carter recently put that number into its gruesome context. Then there’s the horrific practices of Kermit Gosnell being exposed — seven babies, born alive, that he brutally killed. Late-term abortions still make Americans uneasy, but so does having a child with a disability. More and more companies are developing early tests to identify genetic anomalies. “Screening” for Down syndrome and other genetic anomalies is growing rapidly.

The Story of Baby S

And then there is the bizarre story of Baby S, a little girl with multiple disabilities and multiple parents — and that’s when the light broke through. The headline, “Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort Baby”, introduced a story that is almost unbelievable and is hard to summarize. In short. . .

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The Gosnell Trial News Blackout

Denny Burk brings to light the apparent news blackout over Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s current trial.  If infanticide had taken place in Asia or Africa on the scale that it happened in this doctors office, the news media would be all over it, but it didn’t, it happened here, here in America and no one is saying much about it.  Watch the video documentary and read the blog post from Denny Burk, then pray.  Pray for wisdom, pray for mercy, pray that this inestimable crime would be brought to it’s true light and that people, even those hardened by sin, would see the hypocrisy of what is known as abortion rights.

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Here is another link from The Gospel Coalition that gives some more facts.

USA Today has an article asking why more media coverage isn’t being devoted to this trial.

Charles Krauthammer has a video worth watching.

All I have to say is that if you don’t think the main stream media is biased, this should give you a reason to rethink that.

The Most Offensive Verse in the Bible

Dan Phillips of Pyromaniac fame has an outstanding post today on how to answer some of those “what about” issues that people seem to bring up, issues like gay marriage, abortion, and homosexuality, to name a few of the current hot topics.  How do you respond to someone when they ask.  I suggest that you head on over to the Pyromaniacs website and read an interesting way of dealing with this.

Daily Roundup

10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate is Never Asked by the MSM – I read through this list and all I could say is that I am amazed that pro-choice candidates get such a pass on this issue.  It is a sign of how the MSM’s views are shaping the way they question candidates.  Whatever happened to the truth?

The Great Story and the Single Verse – Without the “whole” the meaning of the “part” would not be clear.  John Piper takes a look at Isaiah 41:10.

Counterfeit Sanctification – Sanctification isn’t easy—it takes faithfulness, hard work, and self-discipline. And even then, it’s not purely a function of your will, but the work of the Holy Spirit in you. It’s not manufactured overnight.

Seeing Yourself as a Disciple, and the Difference it Makes – The Greek word disciple means “student, pupil, learner.”


The testimony of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers is found not to be a new revelation or communication of unknown truths. It is essentially distinct from prophecy and inspiration; it only causes us to understand the truth that exists outside and independently of us as truth and therefore confirms and seals it in the human consciousness. – Herman Bavinck

Daily Roundup

The Heritage of Atheism – Without belief in God we not only have a crisis of morality, we have a crisis of meaning.

Revisiting Inerrancy – Al Mohler and friends sit down to talk about the inerrancy of the Word of God.

God’s Plan Before the Ages Began – An Excerpt from John Pipers message, Why Did God Create the World.

Degrees of Sin – It is not uncommon to hear Christians suggesting that every sin is equal in God’s sight.

Abortion and the Campaign for Immorality – John MacArthur rarely ever gets into the political arena in his sermons, but this election year is different.

How Jesus Made Disciples – Could our struggle to make quality disciples come from focusing so much on what Jesus said that we miss what Jesus did?


This first promise must certainly be but dark to our first parents, in comparison of that great light which we enjoy. And yet, dark as it was, we may assure ourselves they built upon it their hopes of everlasting salvation and by that faith were saved. – George Whitefield