All You Need Is Love (Love, Love, Love Is All You Need)

Warning - Drive-by Chrsitianity Challenged

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“Love God. Love the world. Love people.”

“Love God, love people.  Serve the world.”


It has been quite a while, indeed, quite a while, since I said anything here.  There has just been too much.  To keep up with the blogosphere and the reality of living over the last couple of years would have just been excessive.  Which is hilarious, because the rest of this blog was written during what I thought would be the busiest time of my life.  That is another matter.  We can tell those stories later.

I take up my figurative pen once again today because, in somewhat typical bloggerly fashion, I am troubled by something. 

Now that I live where I live (in America, for the curious who do not know), I regularly drive past a church with a sign up that says “LOV3: Love God, Love the world, love people.”  I have no…

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