Reforming The So-Called “Heart For God”

Polemics Report

There is an expression often used in our modern evangelical Churches,  which is “heart for God“.  It’s usually referenced in the context of someone who has a tender disposition, is spiritually sensitive, is sincerely devout, or worse case scenario- someone who just gets really emotional.

A typical use of the phrase would be “That man loves to worship. He really has a heart for God.” or “That woman volunteers to work the nursery all the time, she has such a heart for God.” In any Church body, anyone who has one of these hearts, especially a man, is a hot commodity and is highly valued. I don’t have a problem with people using that expression or appreciating it, beacuse these are fruits of the spirit that we ought to strive for as we become conformed to the image of Christ, but did you ever notice that while that…

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