If God Did Not Arrange the World

“If God did not arrange [the world] this way, then there must be an independent factor in the universe. And if there is such, one consequence and perhaps two follow. First, the doctrine of creation must be abandoned. A creation ex nihilo would be completely in God’s control. Independent forces cannot be created forces, and created forces cannot be independent.

Then, second, if the universe is not God’s creation, his knowledge of it–past and future–cannot depend on what he intends to do, but on his observation of how it works. In such a case, how could we be sure that God’s observations are accurate? How could we be sure that these independent forces will not later show an unsuspected twist that will falsify God’s predictions?

And, finally, on this view God’s knowledge would be empirical, rather than an integral part of his essence, and thus he would be a dependent knower. These objections are insurmountable. We can consistently believe in creation, omnipotence, omniscience, and the divine decree. But we cannot retain sanity and combine any one of these with free will.”

Gordon H. Clark, Religion, Reason and Revelation

5 responses to “If God Did Not Arrange the World

    • Yes I am. I’m actually using his book on Predestination as a guide to the Sunday School class I teach.

      • I see I heard that book was good; I have mixed feeling about Clark, some of his works are extraordinarily good then other works makes me wonder if it’s the same author.

      • So far, I have only read into his book on Predestination about half way, but it is extremely clear and he has backed it up with copious amounts of scripture. My wife is really enjoying his work because, while it is theological in nature, it isn’t so deep that she cannot understand it. I will admit that this is my first book that I’ve read of his, but so far I think it is pretty “spot on.”