New Calvinism And The New Community

John Piper recently gave a lecture at Westminster Theological Seminary for the Richard B. Gaffin Jr. Lecture on Theology.  Matthew Barrett stated the following regarding this lecture:

Piper demonstrates that the doctrines of grace are so very important, especially for how we understand race, ethnicity, and missions. Or to state the matter otherwise, the doctrines of grace destroy racism. The lecture is worth listening to for this point alone, and this point does occupy the bulk of his message. I am once again reminded that while some think the doctrines of grace are secondary and irrelevant, these doctrines are massively practical for everyday life and ministry, as well as our interaction with society as a whole.

Enjoy the Lecture.

2 responses to “New Calvinism And The New Community

  1. Calvinism is Satanism, and racism. If God elects people, then who’s to say he didn’t elect only this race, or that one. So election is itself pure racism. There is no election, period. Obey the gospel and you go to heaven. The choice is at the end and is based on who obeyed. For many are called (the call comes first, to all) but few are chosen (choice at the end). See the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew. The servants beat the bushing inviting everyone to come. Many people showed up. One guy got tossed out for not wearing a wedding garment (not obeying), and Jesus says “For many are called, but few are chosen.” The calling came first in the story, the choosing last. Anyone who says it happens in the other direction (I don’t care if they lived in the first century even) is a heretic. Period.

    • Sir, at first glance, I wondered if you were not being satirical in your comment, but I honestly do not think that you are.

      You also seemed to throw out several accusations that you were not fully able to qualify with actual scripture. Yes, you did talk about the parable of the King who invited guests to the wedding feast, but you did not perform a proper exegesis of the scripture.

      Please understand, I am not “blowing you off.” I would love to interact and have an actual discussion on the issues you raised. I would like nothing more than for you to fully explain your position to me and hear my position, see where we differ, see where we agree, and have a proper brotherly discourse, but I must leave that up to you.

      Again, thank you for your comment and may the Lord bless you richly.