1 Peter – Foreknowledge of God Part I (1 Peter 1:2a)

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1 Peter 1:2aElect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father


I am going to cover a topic that has spawned much debate. Some would say this topic is controversial so just skip over it and move on.  Why introduce a subject that may divide those who follow this blog?  The answer, to do a verse by verse study I cannot skip over it.  I will give you my thoughts based upon my study and prayer for understanding of the subject at hand.  I will use scripture to support my conclusions because my opinion doesn’t matter, what God says does.

Verse 2 is actually a continuation of verse one.  In context this is part of Peter’s greeting to Christians scattered throughout the provinces listed in verse 1. Contained within this greeting is a statement of doctrinal importance I want to look…

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4 responses to “1 Peter – Foreknowledge of God Part I (1 Peter 1:2a)

  1. I appreciate the reblog. Tomorrow I will cover “Elect”. Your readers, based upon this reblog, might see that article tomorrow, I plan to publish at 7am Eastern time.
    Although I am not into classifications I am pretty sure I’d be in the “A” group, not the “C” group. Just a heads up.
    You are most welcome on our site and feel free to comment.

    • I liked your comment on classifications! I would have to say that I was in the “A” group for almost 30 years before I switched to the “C” group 5 years ago. I totally understand where you are coming from, hence my reblog, while not being in total agreement on “Foreknowledge.” It is good to have an open discussion on hot topics. Unfortunately, most today seem to spiral out of control and end up having heated arguments instead of actual discussions.

      • I won’t go there. The world does not need to see heated rhetoric, they need To see Jesus in action.
        Paul told us not to take a brother to court, perhaps you might think it a stretch but the runaway rhetoric is just as bad an influence.
        Take care brother