American Genocide

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Tears ran down through my beard and soaked my shirt last Sunday as I thought of 1973, the year I was born, and the 50,000,000 babies murdered here during my lifetime. Today marks the 41st anniversary of legalized abortion in the US.

Would there be public outcry if the genocide were more public, if there were torn, burnt and mutilated corpses lying in public view instead of hidden in a clinic. Surely then we would speak out with horror. Wouldn’t we?

We tend to take a dim view of human sacrifice. The habits of the Aztecs and Baal worshipers of the past are viewed as barbaric and unenlightened. Yet we have a national blind spot regarding the babies being sacrificed to the American gods of selfishness, convenience, pride, feminism, greed and fear of the unknown. These false gods have claimed the equivalent of one out of six people alive in…

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One response to “American Genocide

  1. Amen. I do think we ought not be silent to the abortion holocaust.
    I think the last five years we are seeing more Christians desiring to be biblical even in how we approach the issue of Gospel driven approach to the issue of abortion