2 responses to “Justification and Sanctification

  1. Good stuff! I didn’t even know that Richard Phillips and Bryan Chapell looks like the way they do. I suppose that’s what happen when I spend more time reading than listening to messages online. I like Chapell’s point about priorities in terms of the multiple motives driving our sanctification.
    I also like the point made that the Gospel is also the good news that we are free from the power of sin.
    Good stuff, I love how it’s all Gospel centered and these men are motivated and excited about the Gospel!

    • The part in this discussion that gripped me the most was when Richard Phillips said, “Sanctification is being excited about justification.” When he said that, I almost jumped out of my seat because it is so true. Once we begin to get just the slightest glimpse of what God has done to justify us, that should excite us to the point where we WANT to walk a more sanctified life in Christ. It’s not that we HAVE to, but that we WANT to. That was such a simple statement that summed it up so succinctly.