Elijah, Mount Horeb and the Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience

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R. Scott Clark, professor at Westminster Seminary California and author of the book Recovering the Reformed Confession, has a phrase called QIRE – the Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience. By that, Dr. Clark refers to the desire to experience God outside of the “ordinary” means of grace in the preaching of the Word and the administration of the ordinances. That quest takes all kinds of forms – from charismatic excesses to the desire to hear that “still, small voice”. Don’t believe me? Look up a list of the fastest growing churches – the vast majority caters in providing outlets for QIRE candidates. Few cater to believers who simply want to hear the Bible taught in-depth and without frills.

Ironically, whenever I think of people who fuel their faith on the experiential and objective, I am always drawn back to the “still, small voice” passage:

And he said, “Go…

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    • I am a fan of Dr. Scott and I listen to his Heidlecast podcast quite regularly. I greatly appreciate his style of teaching in that he brings a lot of Church History into his discussion but this is obvious as he teaches history at WSCal. I am also a fan of Michael Horton and have read quite a lot of his work as well as listen to The Whitehorse Inn every Monday morning on my way to work. So, even though I do not agree with either of these men’s views on paedobaptism, I do appreciate their reformed theology and have been greatly helped and shaped in my own theology by them.