The Shallow Stream of Southern Baptist Semi-Pelagianism

Polemics Report

Tim Guthrie is a Connect 316 board member and is the pastor of Arlington Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tim Guthrie is also on the nominating committee for the Southern Baptist Convention. As I challenge his recent post on Calvinism below, please be aware that Guthrie has a role in nominating Southern Baptists to posts of leadership.

On his blog on Tuesday, Guthrie posted an article entitled “Why I Reject Today’s Calvinism – Simplified.” As I plan to discuss on Monday’s Daily #DOWNGRADE Segment on the program, Guthrie’s article is an example of the theological schizophrenia pervasive in certain corners of the Southern Baptist Convention. If there truly are “two streams” that flow into Southern Baptist identity and Guthrie claims the Sandy Creek tradition, his post gives evidence that the stream has become a dry bed of logical fallacies, historical inconsistencies, leaping generalities and argumentative absurdities. What I hope to…

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