Abolitionist Attacked, Upcoming Interview – Watch the Video

The Civil Liberty to peacefully demonstrate?  Maybe not in Oklahoma anymore.

Polemics Report

I interviewed Brian Wagnon, a volunteer with Abolish Human Abortion [click here for a link to their website], several days ago for an upcoming episode of the Pulpit & Pen Program. Little did I know that just a few days later, one of the members and leaders of that group would be ruthlessly attacked by a post-abortive father. Before that program airs next week, please watch this video (and you Pulpiteers forward it on to social media). While you’re letting it digest, here are a few interesting facts for you to contemplate…

1. This man’s wife/girlfriend was apparently coerced into the abortion by him, as after he began to attack the abolitionists and ignoring her pleas, she screamed “You never listen to me!” As the abolitionists asked if they could help her upon leaving the clinic, they were probably the first people in the whole pre-abortion or post-abortion incident…

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