Who Needs Meat When You Can Have Mush?

Do we really prefer the mush?

Polemics Report

On Sunday morning Churches across North America are covering all sorts of topics and subjects in their sermons. Among these will be series on better sex, happy marriages, how to be a strong leader, parenting techniques, how to manage money, positive thinking, vision casting, spiritual lessons from movies, and a host of other subjects. These are not all irrelevant topics, but are they really the best thing to be preaching on when we consider what is not being preached on?

How many pastors, if we were to survey their congregation and ask them to define and explain the Trinity, would feel confident that the bulk of the responses would not be some form or variation of  Arianism, Subordinationism, Adoptionism, Modalism, Polytheism, Monarchianism, Tritheism, Patripassianism, Appolinarianism, Socinianism, Monophysitism, or Nestorianism?

If I were to ask

“Because God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one, would it be fair to say…

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