Does Christianity Need a Chris Rosebrough?

I’ve been listening to PCR for about 3 years now and I challenge you, if you claim to be a Christian, to listen and listen well. As Spurgeon is alleged to have said, “Discernment isn’t the ability to tell right from wrong, it’s the ability to tell right from almost right.” Many times, the modern day charlatans come so close to the Gospel, but “almost” just doesn’t cut it. Missing the Gospel by just a little bit is, in actuality, missing it completely.

Polemics Report

No. Christianity does not need Chris Rosebrough. God is self-sufficient, Gospel is complete, and Jesus needs nothing and no one. So, please forgive the question. Perhaps a better question would be, “Is there a need in the Christian church for Chris Rosebrough and the work of discernment ministries?”

Chris is best known for his program, Fighting for the Faith [click here], on the radio network he created, Pirate Christian Radio [click here]. Chris also is the curator for the hilarious (and equally sad) Museum of Idolatry [click here]. On top of that, Chris was a speaker at the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference along with myself, James White and Phil Johnson. At RefMT2013, Chris conducted his first ‘live’ sermon review of a message ‘preached’ at Narrate Church in Helena – which if you’ve been reading the Pulpit and Pen for several years, you know I’ve…

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