A Response to Peter Lumpkins

If you haven’t listened to this message you really should, and, to set the record straight, Jordan Hall can add 2 Southern Baptist to his list of people who listened to his message!

Polemics Report

Peter Lumpkins’ blog, SBC Tomorrow, recently posted an excerpt from my message at the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference. Entitled “Modern Day Downgrade,” I drew the parallels between the doctrinal ‘downgrade’ in Spurgeon’s day to what we are seeing now in American evangelicalism. The excerpt, which was cut and pasted and then re-posted onto Lumpkin’s own YouTube channel (and currently has a whopping 254 views), includes audio of me saying that given the amount of email Reformation Montana had received, asking in advance that the audio from the Modern Day Downgrade audio be released, I was aware that the message would be listened to by thousands of Southern Baptists.

Apparently, Lumpkins was humored by that projection, and so he posted the video with a subtitle meant to be ironic or sarcastic, “Small Church Pastor Preaches As Thousands Across the Southern Baptist Convention Listen.” At first, I thought that Lumpkins…

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