Drinking From a Fire Hose – Repost

Friday I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Brian Borgman and he gave the following quote from Jonathan Edwards as Edwards refutes those who complain about parishioners listening to too many sermons: 

“The main benefit obtained by preaching is by impression made upon the mind at the time, and not by an effect that arises afterwards by a remembrance of what was delivered.  And though an after-remembrance of what was heard in a sermon is oftentimes very profitable; yet, for the most part, that remembrance is from an impression the words made on the heart at the time; and the memory profits, as it renews and increases that impression.”

fire-house-drink-270x170When I went to google to look this quote up, I came across several sites that expounded on the quote in much the same way that Pastor Borgman did.  Here is one that is well worth the read and that I agree with.

In good churches there tends to be a LOT of preaching. Sometimes it feels a tad overwhelming. Sermons come at you rapid-fire from all directions, like a paintball ambush.

Sunday morning and evening, Tuesday cell groups, Saturday men’s meeting, and now with the advent of MP3 players a barrage of world-class preaching is a screen-touch away. It can be a bit like drinking from a fire-hose.

And how much of this biblical truth is really going in? Am I honestly expected to beware of the 15 symptoms of hypocrisy in Luke 11, as well as the 3 tools God uses to save sinners, and the 6 steps to being a good steward of my money? And if I am supposed to remember this stuff, what about next week, and the week after that?

Is a photographic memory requirement for being a faithful Christian these days?

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