The Gosnell Trial News Blackout

Denny Burk brings to light the apparent news blackout over Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s current trial.  If infanticide had taken place in Asia or Africa on the scale that it happened in this doctors office, the news media would be all over it, but it didn’t, it happened here, here in America and no one is saying much about it.  Watch the video documentary and read the blog post from Denny Burk, then pray.  Pray for wisdom, pray for mercy, pray that this inestimable crime would be brought to it’s true light and that people, even those hardened by sin, would see the hypocrisy of what is known as abortion rights.

Click this link to read.

Here is another link from The Gospel Coalition that gives some more facts.

USA Today has an article asking why more media coverage isn’t being devoted to this trial.

Charles Krauthammer has a video worth watching.

All I have to say is that if you don’t think the main stream media is biased, this should give you a reason to rethink that.

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