He Paid It All, Fully


Christian religion that denies the Lord Jesus Christ died for a particular people, His elect chosen before the foundation of the world for God’s glory alone, leads to many wayward doctrines.

The unbiblical teaching that Christ shed His blood and died for every person in the same way bears unbiblical theological fruit such as conditional election, conditional security, and even universalism. Truly, if Christ merely made salvation possible, there is never a guarantee one soul would be saved, and those who would be saved can never have true biblical assurance of salvation. Moreover, many who hold to that position also believe a Christian can lose their salvation if they do not continue in belief, or they might sin their way out of eternal life (which wouldn’t be eternal life would it?). Ultimately, these errors are the result of not understanding (or denying) God’s sovereign work in salvation, which result in not…

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