Short Daily Roundup

Why Aren’t We Calling It The “Royal Fetus” – Funny how the media calls it a baby in one instance, but a fetus in another.

Paul Washer Interview – If you don’t know who Paul Washer is, I suggest you get acquainted with him.  This is an interview he gave recently, and if you do a google search of him, you most likely will see “Shocking Youth Video” at the top of the list.  That is a sermon that pretty much defines who Paul Washer is and what he preaches.  He is a breathe of fresh air in today’s market driven, purpose driven, glitzy church.


“Having some time today I set myself to pray more, confessing sin, asking, thanking and praising.  I am ashamed of my shallowness in knowledge, feeling and desire.  Most humbling.  On the other hand, how astonishing has been the Lord’s kindness to me, mercies like waves of the sea, bright mercies like the stars of heaven, mercies to my soul, mercies to me a sinner in every possible way, crowned with the unspeakable kindness of putting me into the ministry and using me to win souls.  I long more and more to be ‘filled’ with the Spirit, and to see my congregation moved and melted under the Word, as in great revival times, ‘The place shaken where they are assembled together,’ because the Lord has come in power.”

Andrew A. Bonar, Diary and Letters (London, 1894), page 333.

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