Daily Roundup

Smilingly Leading You to Hell – Niceness is not one of the Fruit of the Spirit, but is a trait that we seem to be drawn too.  Just remember, the nicest people in the world can lead you straight to hell.

Why Did God Create Us – A 3 minute video by John Piper.

100 Abandoned Houses – A photo gallery of abandoned houses in the Detroit area.  Detroit’s population has dropped from around 2 million to 700,000 over the past few years.  This is a look at what’s left behind.  It also tells me that Detroit is a huge mission field.

Questions About Calvinism – Pastor Jim McClarty responds to several questions regarding Calvinism. 

Responsibility, Inability and Grace – John Hendryx of Monergism.com explains.


Suppose God had chosen an angel to make satisfaction for our sins– imagine that an angel were capable of bearing that vast amount of suffering and agony which was necessary to our atonement; yet after the angel had done it all, justice would never have been satisfied, for this one simple reason, that the law declares,– “The soul that sinneth IT shall die.” Now, man sins, and therefore man must die. Justice required, that as by man came death, by man also should come the resurrection and the life. The law required, that as man was the sinner, man should be the victim– that as in Adam all died, even so in another Adam should all be made alive. Consequently, it was necessary that Jesus Christ should be chosen out of the people; for had yon blazing angel near the throne, that lofty Gabriel, laid aside his splendours, descended to our earth, endured pain, suffered agonies, entered the vault of death, and groaned out a miserable existence in an extremity of woe, after all that, he would not have satisfied inflexible justice, because it is said, a man must die, and otherwise the sentence is not executed. – Charles Spurgeon

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