Daily Roundup Single

This is my first Daily Roundup Single link post.  I’ve thought about doing it before, but I ran across a post today that I felt was so important that I just wanted to give it single billing!  It is by Eddie McKiddie and as far as I am concerned, this is a Grand Slam to end the game for you Baseball fans, a touch-down with 2 point conversion to win in overtime for you Football fans, or a half-court buzzer beating 3 pointer for you Basketball fans.  Idolatry is commonplace in the world.  Unfortunately it runs rampant in the church too.  We are all susceptible to it and because of the flesh and and our own spiritual blindness, it is hard to see in ourselves.  Greg Beale states:  “you resemble what you revere, either for ruin or restoration.”  Read this article by Eddie and start applying it to your own life.  I’ll be working on mine, that’s for sure.

How To Turn From Your Idols

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