How Sweet To Wait

Today is a day of much sadness for me as I grieve with  two who are dear to me.  A husband and father has departed this life and stepped into eternity.  The manner makes so little sense, but God is sovereign.  The only words of encouragement I could offer was that while we can not understand the pain we go through, God’s purposes are much higher and we just have to trust Him.  So, on my way to work this morning this song really struck home and I wanted to share it.
Here are the Words:

How sweet to wait upon the Lord,
While he fulfils his gracious word;
To seek his face, and not in vain,
To be so loved, and love again!

Amen! Our hearts with rapture cry,
May we with reverence look so high;
Ascended Savior, fix our eyes,
By faith upon this glorious prize!

With this delightful prospect fired,
We’ll run, nor in thy ways be tired;
And all the trials here we see,
Will make us long to reign with thee.

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