A Hymn From Years Gone By

I. Trust (“My Father, it is good for me”)

By George Rawson (1807–1889)

MY Father, it is good for me
To trust and not to trace;
And wait with deep humility
For Thy revealing grace.

Lord, when Thy way is in the sea,
And strange to mortal sense,
I love Thee in the mystery,
I trust Thy providence.

I cannot see the secret things
In this my dark abode;
I may not reach with earthly wings
The heights and depths of God.

So, faith and patience, wait awhile!—
Not doubting, not in fear;
For soon in heaven my Father’s smile
Shall render all things clear.

Then Thou shalt end time’s short eclipse,
Its dim, uncertain night
Bring in the grand apocalypse,
Reveal the perfect Light.

I find some of these hymns to be so uplifting in that they are so different than the songs of today.  The line, “I love Thee in thy mystery, I trust Thy providence,” is so profound because it says we are to leave the deep things to God and just trust Him.  That is so foreign to our world today that tries to figure out everything.  Our puny, finite, brains are incapable of comprehending God no matter how much we strive and struggle too.  Like this song says, “For soon in heaven my Father’s smile shall render all things clear.”  Such hope and joy awaits us, let us in patience, trust the One who leads us home.

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