Daily Roundup

When Jesus Offends You – The question is not whether Jesus will offend you, but what you will do when he does.

Sometimes the Lord Slays His Loved Ones – We should spend our lives soaking in the Scriptures so that we grow into the kind of people who feel loved by whatever the Bible portrays as loving.

The Christian Celebrity – We cross into a culture of celebrity when we assume that merit in one field or one discipline necessarily carries that merit to other fields or disciplines.

The “Duty to Have Designer Babies” – An article in this months Readers Digest that will lead down a very slippery slope!

The Pitfalls of Biblical (Mis)Interpretation, Part 1 – Whenever you’re speaking on behalf of someone else, it’s important to get the message right.

The Pitfalls of Biblical (Mis)Interpretation, Part 2 – A continuation of the above link.


From The Body Formed in Eternity Past, Part 1, a message preached by John MacArthur in 1978:

Speaking on Ephesians 1:4 – “Look, the terms here, He hath chosen, it’s an aorist middle of eklego, which means to choose out, to pick. And the middle voice is reflexive which means that God is picking for Himself. And nobody else is involved in this. God didn’t have anybody, you know, whispering in His ear – Well, I’d like it if You can include so-and-so. No. And there wasn’t anything for us to do with it. God chose for Himself. He did it for Himself that it might be for His glory. It says that in verse 6, to the praise of His glory. It says it in verse 12, to the praise of His glory. It says in verse 14, to the praise of His glory. You see, when God chose the church, He chose it for His own glory before He ever chose it for the church’s own good. In fact, it says in chapter 3 verse 10 that the reason He put the church together was that He might display it to the angels that they might see how wise He is. Not how wonderful we are.”

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