What is True Holiness

I’ve had holiness on my mind quite a lot lately. This blog post has been a refreshing stream of water to my soul.

Water From the Well

“‘Holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord’ (Hebrews 12:14). The text which heads this page opens up a subject of deep importance. That subject is practical holiness. It suggests a question which demands the attention of all professing Christians: Are we holy? Shall we see the Lord?”-J.C. Ryle

In the third chapter of his book, Holiness, Ryle deals with three things: what true holiness is, the reason it is so needful, and the way in which holiness can be attained. It’s the first of these that is our present focus. He asks, “What sort of persons are those whom God calls holy?” Men and women can go a very far way in the “appearance” of holiness, and yet not be holy people. Just ask Balaam, Judas, Herod, Jehu, Joab and Gehazi, and Demas. Holiness is not knowledge, profession, zeal, morality, outward respectability, taking pleasure in the…

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