Momma’s Corner

I have to admit that it is wonderful to have a Momma that is a saved, praying woman.  She hasn’t always been saved even though she has gone to church for many years, but over the past year, God has worked in her life in a very powerful way that gives me comfort and confidence in her salvation and I am grateful to Him for that. 

My Momma and I also talk on a regular basis and she asks a lot of hard, spiritual questions, but the questions she asks tell me that she is growing in Christ.  So, during a discussion we were having yesterday afternoon, she told me she had written something.  I then told her to send it along to me and I might post it on my blog and perhaps make her a regular contributor, well, I guess “regular” is up to her.

Anyway, here is what she sent me:

I am a Christian who believes in a sovereign God who has complete control over this world we live in. I am not an intellectual or Bible Scholar but in light of recent events I am convinced that we are about to find out what it means to be one of God’s children. It all comes down to black or white with no grey area. In the past week Chick-fil-A made a stand for the sanctity of marriage as God would have it. They are now being ostracized for their stance. Eagle Scouts are returning their badges in protest because the Boy Scout Organization has banned gay leaders. A church in Florida has stood against gays and they are being shut out by mainstream policies, which I propose is nothing more than a form of “Christianity” not chosen of God.

Our country was founded on Biblical principles that are no longer followed, plain and simple. So, that being said, it should come as no surprise that the Church as a whole can expect the wrath and condemnation of our society and I believe it will happen in the very near future. I believe our freedom of speech and the right to meet together to worship will be stripped from us. We will be persecuted and Christians will die standing on God’s Holy Word. There is no middle ground here. I don’t fear that at all. I know that God has a plan and His chosen will only suffer yet a little while. To die for Him is to gain eternal fellowship with Him. I think what I am trying to say is we need to be prepared, stay grounded in His Word, and pray without ceasing. We have all heard these words before, but we are now seeing so many things come to pass in such a short period of time it is imperative that we put on the full armor of God and stand strong.

To that, I add my hearty amen!

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