Tired Pastors Produce Tired Sermons

David Murray was in Austin, Texas for the Spring Microconference that was put on by the Plantr Network and delivered an address on “Soul Care.”  In this address, he talked about issues that pastors have due to tiredness.  This is a good read and I highly recommend it.  Here are some excerpts:

 – Most pastoral problems, such as burnout, backsliding, depression, etc., begin with neglect of the body.

 – There are lots of people who call God “Lord” but don’t live as His servants. And there are lots of people – yes, even pastors – who call God Creator and preach God as Creator, but who live like evolutionists. Some pastors give the impression that the ministry is about the survival of the fittest! (OR THE FATTEST!)  If you can’t say amen you ought to say OUCH!

 – The complexity and inter-connectivity of human nature, means that the health of the body effects the health of the soul and vice versa.

 – Underestimating our limitations and over-estimating our abilities can only have one outcome – weakness, fraying, and eventually breaking.

 – We must find out our limits – physical, spiritual, emotional, moral, etc. – and we may need someone objective to help us with this. And when we find them, we must accept and work within them.

 – Many of us are theologically dependent but experientially independent. We depend on God with our lips but not with our lives. We say we lean on him for everything, but he rarely feels our weight. And disaster is often the result.


Here is the link to the full article.

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