Daily Roundup

Seeker Driven Hirelings of Today vs. Godly Men of Old – Ken Silva shares an article by an unknown author regarding Pastors.

Making Progress in Sanctification – A sermon by Sinclair Ferguson in which he says, “If you desire anything less for yourself than absolute obedience to God, a life of total devotion to the Lord, a life of absolute sin-less-ness — if you desire anything less, you are fighting against God’s desire for you.”  This is a very good sermon and well worth the 45 minutes you will spend listening to it.

What is the Rapture? – An excerpt from R. C. Sproul’s book The Work of Christ.

Some Proven Weapons in the Fight for Holiness – John Piper shares some weapons we can use.  I especially like point 1 and have memorized it. 

What Essential Quality Must Every Pastor Possess? – In the same vein as the link directly above, Brian Croft states that “holiness” is essential. I say if you can’t say amen, you ought to say ouch!

Your Leviathan – Ray Ortlund muses on God’s answer to Job.  The last paragraph is profound if you dwell on it a moment.

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